The Fireball Photographers

are an international network of portrait photographers that specialize not only in the creation of beautiful imagery for their clientele but, also in the experience of truly seeing each and every one of their subjects; seeing their heart, their beauty and reflecting it back to them in their own unique way. Within this system of portrait artists we often test and grow our skills with projects; such as our "Dress like No Other" enterprise. Ventures such as these allow us to not only showcase our individual "eyes" in composition but also, to push our boundaries and skillsets, as well as hold one another to only the highest of standards. It allows us to grow in our craft of portraiture as well as to raise the bar for portrait photographers everywhere. Whether you are interested in hiring a photographer for your portrait experience in the Netherlands, Germany, the US, and many other regions around the world, the Fireball Photographers are excited to serve you. Please, take a look around and reach out to the photographer that speaks to you.


Old is the "New" New

This year's project pays homage to 19th century portrait painter John Singer Sargent. Working independently, we chose one of Sargent’s 900+ paintings and used it for inspiration to create our own photographic portraits.


As professionals, we all met at a workshop given by Sue Bryce in Paris, April of 2016. One of the things that Sue teaches is that you must have a love and a fervor for life if you are ever to maintain passion in your work. To that end, we decided to give Sue a dance (it sounds so silly but it is so true). This dance has become an anthem of sorts where we dance, imperfections and all to showcase not only our connection but our love for our work and life itself. Won't you join us?